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PLN.64 Pechi Agenda in English 2024 - Plans

PLN.64 Pechi Agenda in English 2024 - Plans

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Discover the extraordinary Pechi 2024 Agenda, now available in English for the first time ever. This isn't just any planner; it's a transformative spiritual tool that has captivated thousands for over 26 years and holds the title of best-selling Christian planner in Latin America. Offering something truly unique, this agenda brings a Latin American flavor to its design and approach to Christian living, making it unlike anything you've experienced before. Infused with deeply enriching texts and captivating illustrations that resonate on a soulful level, the agenda goes a step further with its innovative use of interactive verses for an even richer spiritual connection.

This agenda is more than an organizer—it's an empowering guidebook for your daily spiritual journey. With its one-day-per-page layout (except for weekends), it creates a dedicated space for each day, offering daily Bible verses and uplifting phrases that nurture your soul. The Pechi 2024 Agenda keeps you anchored in faith by weaving a rich tapestry of devotionals, uplifting quotes, and invaluable resources that strengthen your sense of hope and faith. Intricately designed with Latin American flair, this planner entices you with charming stickers, inspirational mini-messages, and personalized cards that add a unique touch to your notes and reminders. It even features a practical plastic pocket for secure storage of loose papers.

Physical Characteristics

  • Elastic closure
  • Ribbon page marker
  • Vibrantly colored pages
  • Individual pages for each weekday, with weekends combined on a single page
  • Built-in flexibound paper pocket
  • Two pages of decorative stickers
  • Two pages of motivational cardboard messages: Little Seeds of God, cards, and dividers
  • Dimensions: 17cm x 22cm x 3.5cm
  • Total number of pages: 336

Written Content

  • 12 monthly devotionals
  • Women's calendar
  • Motivational quotes
  • Scriptural passages
  • Bible reading plan
  • Notable dates
  • Ample space for personal notes

Feel the Latin American zest infused in every detail as you engage with the Pechi 2024 Agenda. Allow it to infuse each page of your life with an extraordinary blend of joy, hope, and faith. This is more than just an agenda; it's a unique invitation to deepen your spiritual connection in an unprecedented way. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a planner that has not just been designed, but has been spiritually curated to enhance your daily life.
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