Celebrando 25 años de Pechi en Centroamérica

Celebrating 25 years of Pechi in Central America

August-October 2022

A Meeting Full of Love and Gratitude

Pechi has always been more than a product, it is a connection, a bond that unites us all in this great family that we have built for 25 years. But nothing compares to the warmth of a handshake, the glow of a grateful smile, or the pleasant bustle of laughter and conversation. That's exactly what we experienced on our 25th anniversary celebration tour in Central America.

Two well-known Pechi fans
Two well-known Pechi fans in Guatemala

We visited several cities, including Managua in Nicaragua, Guatemala City in Guatemala, and three incredible cities in Costa Rica: Siquirres, Cartago and San José. At each stop, we had the honor and pleasure of meeting many of the users of our Pechi products in person.

A beautiful afternoon with the beautiful people of Cartago, Costa Rica.

For years, we have communicated through our products, but we have never had the opportunity to meet our beloved Pechi families face to face. This tour changed all that and the experience was, simply put, beautiful.

Friends in Siquirres, Limón, Costa Rica
Pechi's friends in Siquirres, Limón, Costa Rica

Among the attendees, we were lucky to have business owners who have supported us for years with their purchases. But it also filled us with joy to see so many end users, the people who have supported Pechi by purchasing our products for so long.

Celebration in Nicaragua
Celebrating with the beautiful population of Nicaragua

What we will remember most about this tour is, without a doubt, the affection and love we received from everyone who attended. The affection and appreciation they expressed for us and our products was genuine and overwhelming.

Saint Joseph
Celebrating big in San José, Costa Rica

This tour was not only a celebration of 25 years of Pechi, but also a renewal of energy. It has motivated us to work even harder to create products that have a positive impact on the lives of our users.

Douglas and his wife during the celebration in San José
Douglas and his wife during the celebration in San José

Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been with us on this incredible 25-year journey. We appreciate your support, your loyalty and, above all, your love. We are excited for what is to come and look forward to continuing to serve you for the next 25 years. See you on the way!

All together

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