Feria Atlanta Market Gift Show

Atlanta Market Gift Show

Atlanta Pechi Fair
July 2023

Our First Time at the Atlanta Market Gift Show

We recently returned from the vibrant city of Atlanta, where we had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Market Gift Show July 12-16. This is a global event that brings together sellers and buyers from all corners of the planet, and we can proudly say that it was an absolutely incredible experience.

ATL Fair

The Great Debut of the Pechi Agendas

Our purpose at this fair? Nothing less than making the exciting debut of our beloved Pechi diaries in English. The reception was more than we could have dreamed of. Every time someone came up to our booth, picked up one of our agendas, and we saw that light of appreciation in their eyes, we knew all the effort was worth it.

The words of praise about our Pechi planners were truly inspiring: "It's well thought out," "You can tell it's made with passion," "I love it." Each comment was a confirmation that our love and dedication are truly embodied in each of our products.

A New Horizon for Pechi

But the most exciting news we have to share is that we got a new distributor for Pechi products! And it's not just a distributor, it's a partner that will support us in our mission to bring our agendas throughout the United States, Canada and even Europe! It is an exciting reality that, thanks to this alliance, more and more people will be able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of our Pechi agendas.

Gratitude and Hope

Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude. This experience at the Atlanta Market Gift Show has been a true blessing. We thank God for the fruits of this fair and we are excited for the new opportunities that await us. We are excited to think of all the people who, in the future, will become part of the Pechi family thanks to these new adventures.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey!

Pechi's Team

Team Pechi

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¡Es una gran bendición esta noticia!

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