Collection: Planner Pechi 2023

Introducing Pechi Agendas, now available in English for the very first time! As the best-selling Christian planner in Latin America, these agendas are meticulously crafted to blend functionality with spirituality. Elevate your daily planning experience while nourishing your faith.

Each page serves as a canvas for your goals and aspirations, infused with inspiring Scriptures and empowering messages to guide you through the day. Designed to be your personal sanctuary of organization and focus, this agenda transcends mere scheduling, becoming an essential companion on your journey towards a richer, more fulfilling relationship with God.

Experience the planner that has captivated hearts and minds across Latin America, and transform your daily routine into a more meaningful, faith-filled endeavor.

Agenda con espiral y agenda flexibound

Dos formatos de agendas

Ahora puedes seleccionar entre una agenda con espiral plástico o estilo flexibound. Cada una con sus bondades y fortalezas. Observa la diferencia al usar esta herramienta comparativa.